Roll into Leagues & Clubs at KingPins Portland

KingPins is your headquarters for bowling leagues!  From serious competition to those just looking to have a little fun and make new friends, we’ve got a league for you.  We offer sanctioned and non-sanctioned leagues with weekly drink frames, open play discounts, and monthly coupons for discounts on bowling and food and beverage from the TapHouse Bar & Grill.

Let us find the perfect fit for you on one of our leagues or clubs.

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Additional League Play Cleanliness & Safety Procedures

  • Cross Lane – League play will continue to compete using cross-lane style.
  • Symptoms of Illness – League bowlers should self-monitor and refrain from entering the facility if they are experiencing any symptoms. Such as a fever, are awaiting results of COVID-19 test or feel that they have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Mask Requirements – Masks are required throughout the facility except when eating and drinking at your assigned table. Bowlers will be reminded if seen with their masks off or down. If there are continuous issues, we will ask the bowler not to return to KingPins until the mask requirements have changed.
  • Seating and Designated Areas – We will be using the settee and concourse seating for league bowlers. The team scheduled to bowl on the lane closest to the approach will be assigned to the bowler’s seating area. The team scheduled to bowl on the lane closest to the concourse will be assigned to the bowler’s seating area and concourse seating. Team members will have to seat closer than six feet. Signs will be posted.
  • Season Schedule – Our goal is to begin shortly following approval of bowling. Leagues may be asked to adjust start times, bowl every-other-week.


11am  |  Club 55 |  Seniors-4 person  |  Full

Noon  |  Intercity Travel |  Seniors-4 person  |  Full

Noon  |  Senior No Tap |  Seniors-Individuals  |  Drop-In

3pm  |  Portland Blind Bowlers |  Mixed-2 person  |  Full

6pm  |  Independent Merchants |  Mixed -5 person  |  1 Individual

6pm  |  Monday Happy Hour |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

9:15pm  |  Rolling for Jerry |  Mixed-4 person  |  Team spot

9:15pm  |  9 is Enough |  Mixed-4 person  |  Individuals

10:30am  |  Accidentals |  Seniors-3 person  |  Full

1pm  |  Cascadian Senior Mixed |  Seniors-4 person  |  1 Individual

1:30pm  |  Parkrose |  Seniors-3 person  |  Full

6pm  |  Men’s Commercial |  Mixed-3 person  |  Full

6pm  |  Imperial Truck & Trailer |  Mixed-5 person  |  2 Individuals

6:15pm  |  Cliff’s Classic Chevy |  Mixed-4 person  |  2 Individuals

8:15pm  |  Tuesday Happy Hour |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

9:15pm  |  Widmer Vegas Bound  |  Mixed-2 person  |  Team Spot

10am  |  Striking Vikings |  Seniors-3 person  |  Full

10am  |  Happy Timers |  Seniors-3 person  |  Individuals

1pm  |  Seniors R Us |  Seniors-3 person  |  Full

1pm  |  Senior Strikers |  Seniors-4 person  |  1 Individual

6pm  |  Broadway Commercial |  Mixed-5 person  |  1 Individualv

6:15pm  |  Cascade Originals |  Mixed-4 person  |  1 Individual

7pm  |  Laurelwood Vegas |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

9pm  |  Knights of Columbus/Medico |  Mixed-3 person  |  1 Team

10am  |  Comets |  Ladies-4 person  |  Team Spot

1pm  |  Senior Swingers |  Senior-4 person  |  1 Individual

6pm  |  Golden Road 12 Grand (ID: 35936) |  Mixed-5 person  |  2 Individuals

6::30pm  |  Moonlighters |  Mixed-4 person  |  3 Individuals

9pm  |  Scratch Doubles |  Mixed-2 person  |  Full

10am  |  NARFE |  Senior-4 person  |  Full

2pm  |  Spares N Pairs |  Mixed-2 person  |  1 Individual

6:30pm  |  Friday Nite Peppers |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

6:30pm  |  Nisei Invitational |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

9am  |  KingPins Youth  |  Youth-3 person  |  Open to All Youth

Noon  |  PCBL |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

3pm  |  Vegas Rollers |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

3pm  |  Fil-Am |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

6pm  |  Sunday Mixers |  Mixed-4 person  |  1 Team

6pm  |  Sunday Happy Hour  |  Mixed-4 person  |  Full

High Scores

As our league bowlers roll those perfect games and high series stay tuned to check out the top bowlers.

Captain’s Corner

November 17th will be the last day of leagues until we are able to re-open.

All league bowlers join the text club so we can send you all updates. Text LEAGUE to 370370 and follow the prompts.


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KingPins hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year. Below are the current and upcoming tournaments.

Interested in having KingPins host your tournament contact us here to find out more information.