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KingPins is your headquarters for bowling leagues! From serious competition to those just looking to have a little fun and make new friends, we’ve got a league for you. We offer sanctioned and non-sanctioned leagues with weekly drink frames, open play discounts, and monthly coupons for discounts on bowling and food and beverage from the TapHouse Bar & Grill.

Full Team

Full Team for a league! If you need someone to rotate in here and there, substitutes are welcome (except during position rounds).

Partial Team

Have two or three people, missing someone or a few. No problem we can pair you with others to fill in any vacancies.


Lots of people sign up as individuals. This is a great way to meet new people and bring your friends into the group after a few weeks.


Our social bowling clubs/leagues provide many choices of days and times to fit your schedule. Beginners are welcome; the handicap system makes it fair for everyone.

MONDAY Happy Hour Bowling Club   |   6:00pm   |   Starting January 2nd   |   Teams of 4   |   $15.95 per week 

TUESDAY Happy Hour Bowling Club   |   5:45pm   |   Starting January 3rd   |   Teams of 4   |   $15.95 per week

TUESDAY Happy Hour Bowling Club   |   8:30pm   |   Starting January 3rd   |   Teams of 3   |   $15.95 per week

WEDNESDAY Happy Hour Bowling Club   |   9:00pm   |   Starting January 4th   |   Teams of 2   |   $13.95 per week

Happy Hour Clubs are perfect for casual competition and novices alike! Included in the weekly league fees all bowlers will receive a free Brunswick T Zone bowling ball (additional $3 per week). Custom fitting and drilling included. The season concludes with awards and free pizza!


Our Senior Bowling Leagues are great fun for bowlers of all skill levels! No experience required; the handicap system makes it fair for everyone. Our senior bowling leagues feature three games of league play, complimentary coffee and soda, red head pin specials and in house Guest Appreciation coupons. Bowl to have fun! Individuals and teams welcome!


Our youth bowling program is a great way to introduce kids of all ages to organized bowling. All KingPins youth bowlers receive optional coaching on the lanes, weekly achievement awards, have the opportunity to earn scholarship dollars for higher education, and build team work and social skills that last forever in this lifetime sport.


If you’re looking to enjoy all the benefits of being a KingPins league bowler but want a more competitive edge, our competitive leagues are for you.

Finding the right league is easy. Fill out the below form and one of our league coordinator will contact you with some great options. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (503) 788-7889 for information about Portland leagues and clubs.


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10:50am | Intercity Travel | 3 person-ladies

11:00am | Club 55 | 3 person-mixed

6:00pm | Monday Happy Hour | 4 person-mixed

6:00pm | Independent Merchants | 5 person-mixed

9:00pm | Rolling for Jerry | 4 person-mixed

11:00am | Accidentals | 3 person-ladies

6:00pm | Imperial Truck & Trailer | 5 person-mixed

6:15pm | Tuesday Happy Hour | 4 person-mixed

6:15pm | Cliff’s Classic Chevy | 4 person-mixed

9:15pm | Vegas Bound | 2 person-mixed

9:50am | Happy Timers | 3 person-mixed

1:00pm | Senior Strikers | 3 person-mixed

6:00pm | Broadway Commercial | 5 person-mixed

6:15pm | Cascade Originals | 4 person-mixed

1:00pm | Senior Swingers | 4 person-mixed

6:00pm | 12 Grand | 5 person-mixed

6:20pm | Moonlighters | 4 person-mixed

9:15pm | Scratch Doubles | 2 person-mixed

9:50am | NARFE Seniors | 4 person-mixed

1:00pm | Spares N Pairs | 2 person-mixed

6:15pm | Friday Nite Peppers | 4 person-mixed

6:15pm | Nisei Invitational | 4 person-mixed

9:00am | KingPins Youth League (Youth & PeeWees) | 3 person-mixed

11:50am | PCBL | 4 person-mixed

6:00pm | Vegas Rollers | 4 person-mixed

6:00pm | Sunday Mixers | 4 person-mixed




Larry’s Pro Shop

Larry's Pro Shop Bowling Supplies

For more than three decades, Larry’s Pro Shop has been the premier provider of equipment and training to Portland bowlers. We’re dedicated to helping both first-time bowlers and experienced league members alike improve their game and find the skills necessary to stand out in the lanes.

In addition to equipment sales, we offer a comprehensive range of bowling ball services. If you need to have your bowling ball de-oiled, drilled or resurfaced, look no further than Larry’s Pro Shop!

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