KingPins hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year. Below are the current and upcoming tournaments being held here.

KingPins Sweeper

The 1st annual KingPins Sweeper is under way at KingPins. This tournament is completely FREE for league bowlers at KingPins and has a $1,000 prize fund! Click here to view tournament information

Final Standings (All 8 Squads)

Team | Men’s Singles | Women’s Singles

Top Bowlers:

Team: The Sandbaggers from Independent Merchants (John Forrester, Derek Donohoe, Bill Loyear and Jeff Forrester)

Men: Bill Beatty 802 Series (12 Grand), Jesse Calloway 802 Series (Widmer Vegas Bound) and Kevin Orr 802 Series (Nisei Men)

Women: Teri Copeland 795 Series (12 Grand)

Hosted Tournaments

January 13th & 14th – Spencer Lee Tournament

January 20th – Bowl Down Diabetes Click here for more information

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