Club/League Bowling Basics

Looking to join a bowling club or league at KingPins, but have some questions! This might help clear up some questions.

What is league bowling?

League Bowling is a great way to get the most out of bowling and like any other team sport it is played on a set day and time every week, following a set of established rules. Each team playing every other team throughout the league season, with position rounds to crown a league champion.

Who can bowl on a league?

You may think you have to be a good bowler to join a league, but in fact there are leagues and clubs to suit all ages and all abilities. Each league is different and can range from the social and fun to the very competitive, with large prize funds. League teams are made up of bowlers from all abilities, so you’ll have no problem finding a league or club to suit you.

How does league bowling work?

There are four bowlers in a typical league team, some leagues vary and will have a different numbers of bowlers to make up a team.

League bowling format

The format is three games which take roughly two hours to play, although this can vary for different leagues. The total number of games that are bowled per night is called the series.

Bowler Handicap

League bowling adopted a system of handicapping. This is designed to make league bowling more

Pre- and Post Bowling

If a team is not able to make it a certain week to league play that team can arrange with the bowling center to make up their games. Either six days prior to the day missed or six days after the day missed.

League Standings

If Points are earned by each team every day of bowling, point systems vary. Points are most of the time awarded for winning overall pinfall per game and then for total pins in the series.

Learn to Bowl

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Here’s a link to download a quick guide to show you some tips to help improve your skills:

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