Eligibility: Tournament is open to all 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 KingPins league bowlers. Teams will be comprised of four bowlers and all bowlers must be present on the date of bowling to be eligible. If a bowler is absent a “0” will be their absent score.

Multiple Participation: Multiple participation is permitted. No more than two bowlers may be the same on multiple teams.

Entry Fee: FREE!

Prize Fund: Tournament will have a $2,000 prize fund: 1st place = $1,000, 2nd place = $500, 3rd place = $250, 4th place = $150, 5th place = $100. Placing will be determined by total team scratch score plus handicap for all three games. Results will be cumulative over all 9 squads and price fund will be paid out at the completion of the tournament. One bowler will win their KingPins league fees paid for the entire 2021-2022 season. During each squad one name will be drawn from the participating bowlers. After all 9 squads have bowled one of those 9 bowlers will be randomly selected to win their league fees paid for the 2021-2022.

Singles Event Payout: An optional singles side pot (handicap or scratch) will be available for $5. There will be a men’s and women’s division, each paying 1 in 8 entries. Entries will be cumulative over all 9 squads and paid out at the completion of the tournament.

Entering Averages: Bowlers will use their KingPins Fall 2020-2021 season ending average minimum 15 games or current average as of August 1st, 2021, whichever is highest. If none, use highest 2019-2020 KingPins average with a minimum of 21 games.

Handicap: 90% of 230.

Sanctioning: This is a non-sanctioned event however tournament will abide by USBC rules.


Entries will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice of dates and squad times. Each team is encouraged to register in advance however limited walk-in lanes may be available.


Monday, August 23rd at 6:30pm

Wednesday, August 25th at 2:30pm

Friday, August 27th at 6:15pm

Saturday, August 28th at 9:30am

Monday, August 30th at 6:30pm

Tuesday, August 31st at 1:00pm

Wednesday, September 1st at 6:30pm

Saturday, September 4th at 9:30am


Thursday, August 26th at 2pm

Friday, August 27th at 2pm

Saturday, August 28th at 9am

Sunday, August 29th at 9am

Monday, August 30th at 2pm

Tuesday, August 31st at 6:30pm

Thursday, September 2nd at 6:30pm

Saturday, September 4th at 9am

Sunday, September 5th at 9am