TapHouse Bowling Club

Summer/Fall 2016 Schedule

Just like our Happy Hour Bowling Clubs, TapHouse bowling clubs are a great way to get together with friends, family and coworkers to enjoy some friendly competition all while enjoying tasty food and drinks. There’s a handicap system that evens the score for everyone so anyone can join, no matter what your skill level might be. Plus, everyone who bowls gets their own custom fitted bowling ball for free! The difference? The TapHouse Bowling Club bowls each week in the TapHouse bowling lounge with couch style seating and a lounge style atmosphere. Plus, watch the big game or music videos on our 15 foot wide projection screens while you bowl!

TapHouse Bowling Club

Mondays6:30 PM4/Team - Mixed$15.95/per bowler per weekJune 2016
Tuesdays8:30pm4/Team - Mixed$15.95/per bowler per week September 2016

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